From Here to There is an online project by Japan Society featuring three contemporary artists. Initiated as an alternative platform within the extraordinary context of 2020, this site reveals new commissions over time. Materials accumulate monthly to present disciplinary encounters that span drawing, film, performance, and photography.

Nobutaka Aozaki

Nobutaka Aozaki constructs a biographic portrait of Broadway—the thoroughfare that stretches from New York City’s Financial District to the northern tip of Manhattan—by assembling found items as well as meticulously recording the names of every ground-floor business. A conceptual map of the city emerges from a collage of hand drawings by pedestrians who provided directions to the artist. Aozaki’s peripatetic practice captures the diversity of the city using ephemera such as shopping lists and notes retrieved from Broadway’s sidewalks. His works examine the relationship between city and its citizens to contemplate the meaning of adaptation and change.


Hanako Murakami

Hanako Murakami presents a conceptual project that investigates the nature of memory: its surfaces, textures, and materiality. In Imaginary Landscapes (2020–), Murakami exposes previously unused vintage film and photographic plates and paper through what the artist calls an “inner voyage” that simultaneously merges and reveals traces of time, place, and context. Her ethereal photographs depict not one precise moment with a captured image, but an accumulation of time and experiences. A centerpiece of her commission is the development of new, experimental short films created from a 1940s reel originally intended to capture wartime images.


Aki Sasamoto

Aki Sasamoto operates at the intersection of performance and installation, transforming mundane actions and banal objects into gripping artistic events. She works across various media, following her stream of consciousness and finding material inspiration in response to the conditions of her site and surroundings. For this commission, Sasamoto collaborates with students from Yale School of Art to present a sequence of live performances. Taking improvisation as a central theme, the series consists of three distinct yet interrelated performances that collectively interrogate the very idea of performance-making in today’s manifold realities.